TNS458 08/03/2016

After last nights excitement we woke to a more peaceful morning. During our
previous watch from 2000- 2400 we watched the wind go up to 30 knots plus
from zero. A true tropical storm with torrential rain and thunder and
lighting through the whole watch. The Bosun’s Mates and Cadets were called
at 2200 and between us we handed all sail. The air temperature fell to a
chilly 26c while the sea temperature stayed at 29c!

This morning we are back to typical equatorial weather, hot, humid with the
wind shifting around the compass.

Simon, the Captain gave a fascinating talk, after smoko at 1000 about
vagaries and unpredictability of the weather in this part of the world and
the options that will open up as we go south in search of the SE Trades.

In the meantime we sail south westwards towards the equator. As we write
the Galapagos are about 150 miles to the south. After last night’s rain and
happy hour this morning the whole ship looks fresh and clean. We are sailing along with a cool breeze
pushing us along at about 4 knots. The sun is shining, the temperature is up
to 30c and all is quiet – the rest of the ship is enjoying after lunch
“quiet time”. Some are snoozing in their bunks and other sun bathing up on
the fo’c’sle.

Up aloft the Bosun’s mates work on removing the fore course for repair and
we entertain ourselves developing the Aft Starboard repertoire of easy
listening songs mostly sung by Geoff, one of our two American watch members.

Meanwhile the watch routine of helming, lookout and logging our steady
progress south-westwards across the beautiful blue Pacific continues.