TNS458 08/03/2016

After a night of anchor watches, we  woke up to the beauty of the Cocos
again – surrounding rainforest, lots of bird poop on the decks, rumours of
sharks overnight and lots of admiring glances from surrounding dive boats.
After the usual breakfast feast we weighed anchored and set our course
heading SW, escorted out of the park by a pod of large dolphins including a
baby dolphin.

Although the winds remain light, they have finally allowed us to set our
sails and we are pleased to announce that, after a lot of hard work from the
crew, 13 sails are set and the engines have been turned off! Although we are
not sure how long it will last as the forecast is not promising, the crew
were certainly enjoying the moment.

Unfortunately, the rains have just arrived (which is typical for forward
port watch!) so the raincoats are back on. The Cocos Islands have now
disappeared below the horizon and we don’t expect to see land for another 4

All the best from Forward Port watch (Richard, Steve A, James, Chris L, Lee
H, Mads, Kate D and watch-leader Carol)