Whales, Whales, Whales !! We arrived at Horta (good reverse manoeuvring by Captain Barbara!) in time for a mad dash to the infamous Pete’s Bar for lunch (wheelchairs are tricky on the cobbles but helped by a chariot rope system up the slopes!) sardines chips and vino Verde. A catamaran and a fast rib took crew out for an incredible 3 hour trip in the afternoon. We caught up with around 200 bottle nose dolphins and many swam round and under the boat, we also saw 80-100 common nose dolphins. For an hour and a half we were close to 2 blue whales swimming close in line together 200m from our boats! Unusually their first two dives were with tail in the air, whilst the other three were more usual dives without. 6 sperm whales were seen, 4 swimming close alongside one another around 100m away and in total we had around half an hour with them. A few of us went back to Pete’s bar to toast the success of the trip, and many headed to Hot rock café to cook their own steaks of seafood on hot blocks of lava. Great day.