The Tenacious crew have enjoyed a couple of fabulous days’ rest and
relaxation in Vanuatu. All of us took the opportunity to explore the town of
Port Vila, some visiting the museum and cultural centre to learn about the
history and culture of these fascinating islands. Others visited a local
village on the way to the ‘Secret Garden’ where we were entertained by tales
of cannibalism and tribal dancing by islanders in grass skirts.  A visit to
the waterfall cascades was a good time to enjoy a dip in cool fresh water
pools – just perfect for a hot sunny day.
Some others made for Hideaway Island to do some snorkelling and even to post
cards in an underwater post box. So if your postcard arrives slightly soggy,
you will know why!
A trip to the Blue Logoon by some intrepid explorers was a great chance to
swing from ropes into the pool, and swirl down river into the sea.
After a hard day’s fun many of us managed to consume a few beers in the
waterfront  Numbawan Café whilst waiting for the DOTI boat and rib to ferry
us back to Tenacious for a delicious dinner onboard (Thanks to Micah). This
was, of course, followed by entertainment in the bar featuring a quiz
prepared by Tracey and Neil, and more hilarity to follow.
So today, 8 July, we have bid our fond farewell to Vanuatu and bring with us
happy memories of our visit.  Several of the islanders expressed admiration
for the beautiful sailing ship anchored in their bay and were sorry to hear
we were leaving so soon. We hoped to provide the spectacle of departing
under full sail, but due to no wind that was not possible.
We have now raised the anchor and are heading south to discover our next
tropical paradise, New Caledonia, which promises to offer more adventures
for our bold explorers.
Aft Port watch – Dick, Darlene
Xx, Lucy, Lucilla, Bridget, Mike, Mark, Matt, Monty and Rowena.