TNS454 07/11/15

Day 3- That’s it – we have waved goodbye to English shores (sort of) and are on our way! The day mostly consisted of loading things in order of priority so we loaded beer, followed by beer, followed by more beer. We also took on some fuel but that seemed less important to the voyage crew for some reason.

The afternoon was donated to some last minute shopping – one particular member of crew went and bought a rather heroic amount of coffee when he discovered that Tenacious only carries instant.

The JST gave us a great send off in one of the big Cruse terminals (very flashy) in the evening. We even had The Southern Jacobites pipe band to send us off with ‘Over the Seas to Skye’.

Sadly one last minute member of crew failed to join us. It is with regret that we must admit that Skippy the Kangaroo was lost overboard when he attempted to join from the quay side. Despite many attempts with bucket and boat hook we failed to enact a successful man over board drill and he floated away from us into the harbour. Some members of the crew remain hopeful that he will simply be waiting for the ship in Sydney having swum there on his own. Bon Voyage Skippy!