TNS454 08/12/15

Welcome to Forward Port’s factual information section where we bring you up to-date with the latest news from our voyage across the Atlantic. This morning, at around 12;10 am, 2nd mate and officer on watch Ben (the factual dream killer) attempted to remove a flying fish from the bridge and ended up holding the tail while the fish fell back to the deck. On second attempt he did manage to remove the much maligned creature (it was already dead). The 2nd mate was also fortunate enough to view the rare site of a pair of hungry crocs getting an unexpected meal as a flying fish landed but 3 inches from them. Sadly he did not decide to feed the fish to the footwear in question.

Anna’s barbershop continues to do a roaring trade as she cuts the hair from both permanent and voyage crew alike. Clippers in hand she has so far removed the excess from Purser Nich’s Spartan trim, Buzzed the captains mane and removed the luxurious golden locks of forward port’s watch leader reducing them to whitish bristles. All of these cuts were requested and we wait to see who is the next victim of the ginger barber of the port bits. By the way Anna’s new nick name is Sweeny.

Nothing else to report today other than the sun shining on a lovely blue sea and vague memories of the weather that is probably prevailing back in the UK.