TNS455 09/01/16

Ahoy there from Aft Port – comprising of our illustrious, redeemed leader, Judy, along with the motley crew of old timers (sailing wise) of Liz, Maggie, Stretch, Mandy, Pam and Chris, and newbies Bob, Hilary and Brian.

The sea is calm, the sky is blue, our tummies are full and rapidly expanding on Hammie’s excellent food.  All in all we are a happy and very relaxed crowd apart from Brian who waits in anticipation of the Everton-Daggers result.

Our watch last night from 8pm to midnight awarded us with a spectacular night sky and many shooting stars.  The temperature was a cooling 28 degrees and today it is 31. T shirt and shorts at all times.

This morning we all enjoyed a talk from Captain Barbara on the use of the sextant.  We all managed to find the sun on the horizon (well some of us did). We hope to reach Bonaire, in the Dutch Antilles by tomorrow evening, hopefully alongside when some cool beers and rum punches will be consumed in moderation, (perhaps apart from Stretch) and enjoyed by all (especially
Stretch). White sands, palm trees and turquoise seas await us on Monday. Life is tough.