Greetings from Malaga! An interesting passage through the Strait of Gibraltar kept the night watch busy, with shipping traffic between Tangier in northern Morocco, to our starboard, and Algeciras in southern Spain, to our port, in addition to the vessels passing through the Strait of Gibraltar, and numerous fishing vessels. This morning fenders and lines were made ready, and we tied up at the northern end of the Port in Madeira, in time for assisted climbs before lunch. These climbs are always moving and inspiring, todays were for many voyagers the highlight of the trip, standing in the light breeze and morning sunshine, we watched, and took photos, and climbers descended to a round of applause. Four large tuna were caught off the stern yesterday afternoon by Fred, and this was our lunch, with a magical salad of olives, garlic potatoes, pink coleslaw, and watercress greens and tomatoes. Shore leave has now been granted, and most have headed off to explore, the Cadets however are still working!