TNS464 – 09/08/2016 – Forward Starboard – 1637 (0737 GMT). Following Captain Darren’s successful whale watching tour, the crew settled in and underwent line-handling training under the capable instruction of Dave-the-Bosun. During the first watch, in the company of dolphins shimmering in the moonlight, the Officer of the Watch considered that we required further training on the lines and proceeded to instruct us to set and put away the lower fore-topsail resulting in a rather sweaty watch transfer.

Tuesday morning involved further evac training and bracing training by Fliss, our first mate. We continue to see multiple dolphins and whales who love to play by the bow. Even more have appeared as I write this. Despite motorsailing at this stage, the views of Australia are incredible on our starboard side as we approach the turn onto the Bass strait.

Penned by the Forward Starboard Watch –  Nate, Sam, Rowena, John, Maria, Millie and Wheelie-Pete (in absentia).