03.30 Sunday 8th December; Alarm went off to get me up for the start of the adventure of a lifetime. Flew out of Bristol and arrived at Palma spot on time. Now to find the ship! Information from Southampton to get the No1 bus which proved to be correct. Saw some masts which looked like a tall ship and the bus went straight past! A very long walk through a secure area complete with kit bag and arrived to drop kit on board. Had to have a Spanish omelette and a beer whilst watching a collection of classic cars and returned to the ship at 16.00 as requested. She looked magnificent and stood out amongst a multitude of masts in the harbour. Most of the crew were on board for 18.00 and introductions were soon made and the crew settled in to an evening of getting to know their way around the ship and where to sleep.

07.30 Monday 9th December: Call for breakfast and the smell of sausage, bacon and eggs with cereals before and toast and marmalade after. Then the more formal introductions to the ship and safety at sea conducted by Ali in a most interesting way! Most then accessed the rigging and took to the spars. We also had an emergency EVAC to ensure we could escape fire, a sinking or any other issue that might occur whilst on board.

14.00 and we made way and left Palma with light winds forecast and our destination stated as Valencia over the next two or three days. Probably two night sails to look forward to which I personally like. So dinner eaten, sails set and under sail heading west with light winds and a full stomach (Great cooking Mike and Mandy!) and an early watch to do. So sleep needed and a calm sea. Tenacious signs off and we look forward to a peaceful night.

From all on the aft port watch due on watch at midnight under the guidance of our watch leader Ali. Sleep well, Magic