Day 8, somewhere off the coast of Sicily……

Currently sailing under square sails, enjoying glorious sunshine and a fresh southerly wind. We are on our approach to Malta after a continuous 3 days at sea. Over the last 24 hours we have had dolphins playing around the bow, and turtles bobbing past basking in the sun. We floated under a constellation of stars, and our deck was lit by the light from a waxing gibbous moon. Our night watch was busy with traffic, identifying lots of ships on the horizon. However, we didn’t see any of the different rigged vessels we had learned about in our talk from the first mate yesterday.

Currently we are sailing at 3.7 knots, (nothing compared to speedy Enrico who reached 8 knots yesterday) course 105 heading to Valletta, aiming to arrive tomorrow lunch time.

White Watch 🙂