TNS458 10/03/2016

After a glorious lunch prepared by our galley team, now sunbathing at
29 degrees C, on watch 12.30-4pm, cruising at nearly 9 knots, leaning
starboard, this is the life on the big Pacific Ocean.

It’s a magnificent sight to see all our lovely sails set, even the spanker.
So close and yet so far as we wave at the passing Galapagos only 100 miles
south east of us.

The Booby birds on our yards are keeping us amused, we are even creating
rapport with them using our squeaky pig toy.

The rest of the ship are on some down time in spite of the outboard engine tests
on the boats. The Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone has been very kind to us
today…..but for how long.

Forward starboard watch
Mona, Mike, Steve, Andy, Stretch, Louise, Paul and squeaky pig.