TNS458 09/04/2016

Day 41
Aft Starboard
Food glorious food….
Napoleon was supposed to have said an army marches on its belly. That may or
may not be true but Tenacious certainly sails on its stomach. Almost the
first question asked of every relieving watch is “what’s for
breakfast/smoko/lunch/dinner”. We’re lucky in having all three ingredients
for great catering.
The quality of stores is superb. In Puntarenas the main deck looked and
smelled like a farmers’ market. No soggy, cellophane wrapped veggies here.
Huge, fresh and still earth encrusted salads and veg that last and last. We
were still eating fresh fruit when we arrived in the Marquesas.
The second ingredient is the skills of the cook. You definitely can’t tell
the day of the week by the menu. Micah has hardly repeated a dish since we
left Costa Rica (despite most of them being so good we wish he would).We
also have fresh bread baked daily and cakes and cookies at smoko to
supplement the fresh tropical fruit – today papaya, mango, watermelon and
small, sweet bananas a gift of our agent in Nuku-Hiva. Breakfast is cereal,
porridge (we are a British ship), juices and some combination of the famous
British Breakfast – egg, bacon, mushroom, black pudding etc. Lunch is a
simpler dish – today jumbo shrimp risotto. Dinner is the high point- two
courses including a proper British roast dinner on Sunday whatever the
temperature outside. Just in case you get hungry during the night watches
there is “night food” – cold meats, cheese, biscuits, cake and of course
coffee and tea 24 hours a day. Special diets are well looked after (Gaz has
asked me to give a big thumbs up for the gluten free chocolate cake).Those
who sail on other tall ships all agree JST has the best food.
However, the third and possibly most important ingredient for success is the
temperament of the cook…..Ship’s cooks like cooks everywhere are often,
shall we say, a touch tetchy. Not Micah. Just about the most laid back and
patient person you will make. With the ever cheerful Tracey his Assistant
who has years of experience – including a complete round the world with
Challenge – good karma flows in abundance from the galley.
Bottom line: don’t come aboard Tenacious if you want to diet.
Closing now with best wishes.
Chris H, Sari, Izzi, Jeff, Craig (acting watch leader while Chris is on mess
duty), Mike and Norman.

PS Oh by the way it’s 32c outside and not a lot of wind so we’re learning to