TNS460 10/05/2016

Forward Port

443nm from Tahiti, enroute to Roratonga with a fair SE wind.

-09:00 All hands were excitedly hailed on deck to set the sails.

-10:00 The final remineance of Stretch’s colossal birthday cake were happily
devoured by all.

-10:30 It may not be apparent as of today, however to the future benefit of
all, laundry day has been enacted.

-10:30 1st Mate Fliss, educated a fresh batch of salty sea dogs with a
bracing talk on Fore and Aft sail handling.

-13:00 Mislav has kindly begun his first Croatian lesson in useful sailing
terms e.g. “what time is the next bus” Kada je sljedeci autobus?

-14:00 National Geographic will be delighted to know that our eagled eyed
Mat may have potentially spotted a previously believed extinct ancient whale
or possibly even a Cuvier’s Beaked Whale. Mat will be available for all
media interviews & corporate events in the not too distant future.

-15:00 Forward Ports quest for sea pixies continues…

-16:00 And so our watch ends, Watch Leader Mike AWOL (UK), 20:00-00:00
Acting Watch Leader Terry (Red Dragon),12:30-16:00 Acting Watch Leader
Michelle (JSY), VC Mislav (HR),VC Michelle (FR), VC Steve (AK), VC James
(UK), Ruth (UK), VC Lesley (SCO), VC Mat (UK)