TNS464 10/08/2016 –  Dave is up in the Bosun’s chair repairing last night’s mess. Main top
staysail, to use an Australian term, is “rooted”. According to sources close
to the event, a brief, but violent “weather event” struck at about 3am
Eastern Standard Time. A wind shift from north-west to west combined with an
increase in wind speed from 10 to 30 knots was reported.
Chaos followed. Order was restored after the heroic actions of entire deck
crew. Allegedly. Forward Port has no way of verifying the numerous and
conflicting accounts. We were in bed, sensibly asleep.
Breakfast was sausages, poached egg, hash brown. Tenacious is motoring in
light seas, 44 nautical miles from intended anchorage at Wilson’s
Forward Port:  Watch leader Tracey; Squirrel, Otis (on mess), Dave, Peter,
Zoe, Flick and cadet Val.