Yesterday the wind returned along with exciting squalls of rain. The t’gallant and the spanker were handed before dinner.

After an exciting day’s sailing yesterday (in not quite the right direction) our messman got up at six am to untie the t’gallant gaskets only for all the sails to be handed in the rain after breakfast. We are now under engines once more. Happy hour has successfully brought the sun out once more.

Despite Hetty’s (the hoover!) suicidal lunge down a hatchway in the lower mess she was retrieved unscathed by David ready for some more work tomorrow.

Lizzi is still on the lookout for a winking whale passing her porthole (a winkie minke? – Ed).

Two days after laundry Sherwood has finally rounded up the last odd sock!

We are spending this afternoon’s watch plotting for the sods opera evening.

Forward port
Sherwood, Andy, David, Helen, Jess, Philippa, Lizzi, Linda and M