We, the voyage crew made up of 3 watches of 28 brave souls, are now going to relate some of our adventure.

On the quay at the Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, Sydney we spent our first morning sprinting up the ratlines to the first platform and the yard arms, ie struggling up the ladders in varying degrees of trepidation. Smiles as wide a watermelon [to quote Wendy] bore witness to the great sense of achievement experienced by all involved.

With somewhat inclement weather developing, the pilot upon boarding was heard to ask: Are you really going out in this? Fortunately for all, Captain Simon had opted for a night at anchor in Rose Bay.

However, back to intrepid adventure – the next day the six metre swell had dropped to four – which still means a BIG, lumpy sea.

What fun we had of it. Undaunted we headed out to sea and sailed with the southerly to Broken Bay and a calm anchorage. All voyage crew had the chance to haul ropes, scrub decks and assist in the vital task of feeding the crew.

The next thrill was provided by our three wheelies, Grace, Chet and Mark by our hoisting them in their wheelchairs to the first platform. Much cheering on deck for them and the two assisted climbers, Brontie and Nick. More watermelon smiles on board.

Now we are ploughing on a south-easterly course back to Sydney into the teeth of a 30 knot wind, with the accompanying swell.

Could anyone have asked for more exciting conditions for a 5-day sail? We defy you!

Over and out from the Voyage Crew under the command of Captain Simon and his superb Permanent Crew.

Red Watch under the humorous direction of Charlie PS No wheelbarrows have been needed…