Coming from the Los Angeles Maritime Institute and working with youths of all ages, teaching sail training as well as personal growth, I’m finding this experience as challenging and as rewarding as any previously encountered. This sail has afforded me to meet people of various backgrounds and abilities. Working together, I’ve found that I’m learning more about myself, rather than teaching and aiding others in the experience of sailing.

I’m feeling very much at home here, as any place more familiar.

Today, sailing off the Spanish Coast in the Mediterranean sea, we’ve set most of the squares minus the Main Course and a few fore and aft sails. In spite of the low wind speed, we are managing to maintain a speed of 1.5K.

Later today I’ll be heading to the engine room to check in and learn a few things about the “D” sail.

That’s all for now,  Fair Winds.

Colby Smith Forward Starboard Watch,

Currently on 12.30 – 16.00 watch.