TNS458 11/04/2016

Hello all from us on another fine day on Tenacious, apart from the tropical
deluge we had to finish our watch last night. The winds speed trebled and
the heavens opened just in time to thoroughly soak us just as we handed the
main royal.
Today we have been skirting the atoll of Mataiva, our closest approach was 2
miles away. A group of us took the opportunity to climb the mainmast and
foremast for a better view of the coconut trees and surf crashing onto the
atoll beaches.
Then we had a very informative talk from Pete the Chief Engineer on the
engineering side of how the ship works. These systems are things that we
use, but don’t see and take them very much for granted, like loos, fresh
water and air conditioning. It was also interesting to learn about the
priorities on things to keep us safe.
The weather is still pretty fair, the wind keeps dropping away, but we are
still making good progress towards our next destination of Bora Bora.
Love from Fwd Starboard – Mona, Steve, Paul, Stretch, Mike, Andy and Louise.