TNS458 08/04/2016

Hello again followers, it’s been a while since forward port have checked in
with you on this blog.
April is upon us and as such it is time to start thinking about the monthly
safety drills which the ship carries out.  Penelope (our rope filled boiler
suited, buoy headed man over board dummy) went for a dip in the briny
yesterday and the ship went into man overboard mode, she was recovered a
little worse for wear with a rip in her leg but otherwise she is safely back
on her box.
Please can you pray for some wind for us – we are dawdling along with less
than 6 knots of wind and everyone wants to get to Bora Bora sooner rather
than later.
We will now give you a little history lesson.  Jimbo one eighth of our watch
has a very interesting ancestor.  His namesake James Morrison was part of
Bligh’s Bounty crew back in the eighteenth century.  There was not room on
the lifeboat for James when Bligh was set adrift and so he was forced to
remain on the tropical paradise of Tahiti (poor chap).  James with other
strandees (at this point the Bounty had set sail to escape capture), built a
ship, the Resolution.  This ship sailed around the Polynesian Islands for
some months fighting civil conflicts.  The crew intended to sail back to the
UK to clear their names, however the arrival of the Pandora stopped this and
the crew were arrested, placed in a box in irons for the duration of the
voyage to Jakarta where they transferred to different ships back to the UK.
On his return home, James defended himself in court and was acquitted, this
was partly due to having kept extremely good records and had plenty of
friends and colleagues who vouched for him.
This is a very abridged account of James Morrison and the full account is
available in a book: Morrison on the Bounty.
Meanwhile back on Tenacious, there is still plenty of cake from Mica and no
sign of mutiny despite the lack of chocolate.
This is Forward Port sending best wishes to family, friends and loyal blog
Carol, Mads, Kate, Lee, Jimbo, Chris, Steve, Richard.