TNS460 11/05/2016
So here we are in the South Pacific going so fast that we’ll get to
Rarotonga too early tomorrow. We’re in competition with the International
Flights as the planes cannot take off and land with us at the end of the
runway – which is where we come alongside unless we drop the masts which
Fliss the officer of the watch says cannot happen. So what will happen
remains a mystery to be updated tomorrow!!
We can’t miss on the Cook islands as the snorkelling is amazing (and they
have buses that run allegedly – they didn’t in French Polynesia )
Of note over the last 24 hours is that Mislav has been working in the
galley (mess duty) and clocked that Sam from another watch has been eating 3
platefuls at each meal. This probably explains why Michelle and Leslie from
our watch failed to get any lunch at all apart from some noodles which is,
of course, the local delicacy (sea cucumber eaten raw) but don’t tell them
that. Mislav also wishes to point out that the general feeling is that he
looks at least 10 years younger than Sam despite all his traumas and smoking
Also of interest is that we passed an island called Mauke to port – Southern
Cook islands but despite bribes Captain Chris says we cannot land at
Aitutaki as it’s too little.

Everyone that knows Danni who used to work in the JST office wishes her well
for her wedding to Andy on Saturday.

So that’s it for today
F’ward Port watch which includes Mike w/l (cool and calm), Jimbo (on mess
today) Michelle and Michelle , Terry, Matt, Steve, Leslie , Mislav and
myself (Ruth)