Tenacious, 8-14/12/2016

A bit of a rough night weather-wise – a few people going a bit green bout the gills – but becoming calmer with resultant happy rosy faces. At approximately 9pm we “braced the yards” to lessen the effect of the oncoming wind. We were heading due North during an otherwise fairly uneventful overnight watch. In the morning we tidied up the sails and had “Happy Hour,” which unfortunately does not involve alcohol but consists of cleaning the ship. The weather has become pleasant and warm. Just off Kiama we were hit by insects…..flying ants, moths, butterflies and the like, however that was short lived and they were gone just as quickly as they arrived.

Lunch today was tomato and basil soup with fresh baked bread served on deck by the main mast-most enjoyable!

As we started our watch at 12.30 with Dan on the helm we could see the beautiful beaches of Wollongong and then the industrial area of Port Kemble – quite a contrast.

Obi took over the helm, followed by Leonie who relieved him 5 minutes early in exchange for 10 push-ups!! Anne Marie was next on the wheel followed by Ben. Looking at the coast we are now seeing isolated beaches and lush green mountains passing slowly by, and we’ve been looked at too, with a couple of helicopters giving us a fly-by All in all a rather pleasant day. A little more singing from watch leader Jeff would have enhanced it  even further!!!

Tomorrow, Sydney and its famous harbour sights…..a rare treat to arrive at such a place in such a wonderful vessel.

Aft Port watch

Jeff, Mike, Leonie, Anne Marie, Ben, Obi, Dan and Luke