Hi! I’m Anita, and a Tenacious virgin. My first voyage on a tall ship, and it’s day 2 on our passage from Gran Canaria to Madeira. We’ve been under sail alone for the past 24 hours on an NNW course, and are now about 60 miles from Funchal in a steady force 2. There are lines over the stern in the hope of catching tuna (!), and someone apparently saw a turtle earlier. I say  apparently, as I’ve spent the past 24 hours (on and off) in the galley on mess duty, so the goings on deck have taken second place for me to the steady stream of white plates needing to be washed, rinsed and dried. What an eye opener! The hard work and long hours that goes into the preparation of the food is incredible – Mika and Vicky definitely have the hardest job on the ship, but everyone is always hungry, and the food is fantastic. As for me, I’ll be glad to get back on watch for some comparative rest and relaxation! And tomorrow we arrive at Funchal -wahey!