TNS 396


12th Feb 2014

We ended the voyage in that currently rare phenomenon for the UK of sunshine and blue skies. On the 11th   in the morning some of the voyage crew and Ted and Joe Bosuns mates stowed the sails at sea until the wind suddenly increased and they had to stop. We motored into the harbour at Valletta on the island of Malta after lunch. The harbour entrance is impressive with the old fortifications still very prominent guarding the entrance to the harbour.

Once we got alongside and had the fenders all deployed and the mooring warps secured, it was time to get the gangway down and rigged. Captain Simon got the ship cleared with customs, and immigration then there was shore leave, giving people a chance to have an exploration of some of the island. That evening all the voyage crew and some of the permanent ate ashore. I was surprised to see Cornish Shrimps and Cornish sea bass on the menu, other items showed there are still strong links back to the UK.

On the 12thFeb the voyage crew were woken at 07.00 they then packed their bags and had a final happy hour leaving the bunk spaces clean ready for the next crew. Breakfast followed and then a mass exodus as most of the voyage crew were on the same flight and they had booked their taxis for 09.30. The rest gradually left some to spend a few days on the island before they return to the UK. And so bid them all a fond farewell and a safe journey home.