TNS458 12/03/2016

How quickly four days comes around, it’s Forward Port giving todays update.
Yesterday evening we were treated to a stunning sunset, with a waxing moon
and a strange greeny/blue shadowy phenomenon.

We had a beautiful clear starry night, with shooting stars and much groaning
at Steve and cadet Matts “quality” jokes.

We were awoken this morning to be told that we had just missed a sighting of
pilot whales, except for Mads….our resident early riser, but the weather
is continuing to be sunny, albeit rather lacking in wind.

We had a talk about compass corrections and azimuth calculations “yes some
of us are rather confused by this too” and we have made the shocking
discovery that our Kelvin balls are in fact wooden! “No we didn’t know what
these were either”.

The bosun’s mates still continue to tinker with the sails despite it being
BM Godfrey and voyage crew Andy’s birthdays and we look forward to their
birthday party later this afternoon – maybe the remainder of the cake will
be served.

Check on the blog tomorrow to see what mischief takes place.

We on forward port will be checking in again with you in 4 days‘ time but
until then this is us signing off: Mustang Mads, Ducati Chris, Ferrari Jim, Lee
on mess duty, Mini Richard, John Deer Steve, Carol and Kate (not petrol
heads!) and our extra two watch-mates Sally the talking compass and Jennifer
the leek, who has been the helmsman mascot since our salmon and leek supper
last night, and yes we do realise a “leek” is not the best mascot for a