TN461 – 12/06/2016 We awoke this morning to an almost flat sea. The wind had dropped and we had
spent the night traveling under motor power. We had left Mutuku Island
behind. Several new islands were scattered around our horizon as we sailed
on. While on the 8 – 12 midnight watch the clouds finally cleared. The
Southern Cross was clearly visible in the night sky with the constellation
Scorpio following. Mars could clearly be picked out, whilst the Milky Way
blazed though behind.
Come morning we continued sailing on for Explorer Islands, resetting some
sails, but with little wind we make very little headway at just 1-2 nautical

Having started the day setting the sails, theres the a short talk about how
the ship is rigged.

Tenacious’ rigging is with three masts, square rigged only on the fore and
main is known as a Barque. We learn about the square and stay sails, and
about how each are deployed and stowed.

Happy hour in the heat is no fun for anyone and an exhausted crew is soon
ready for refreshment and relaxation as the sun beats down throughout the
afternoon. The brave go to the foredeck to sunbathe and the rest chill on
deck wherever they can find shade. The ship is calm and quiet as we make our
way slowly northeast.