When we came on watch last night at 2000 all was calm.. or so we thought. Within 30 mins the wind was back up to 25knots and we were all leaning against invisible walls. We were in 9th position but by this morning we had moved ourselves up to 6th place. We coped well with the rough conditions.

Some have been sick but sea sickness is all a part of this experience and some learnt which is the windward side of the ship! All of us are enjoying the amazing food and the good vibes. This afternoon the wind is gusting force 7 and we are singing French and Danish drinking songs.

Forward Starboard

We’ve just had a hard session with the spanker on the poop deck and we are all feeling very tired.

Running just ahead of us is a Danish ship, Georg Stage. We are catching them up and, spurred on by a successful raid on the Germans (on the Alexander von Humboldt) on the first day of racing, we are preparing the water balloons and the catapult! Most of the ship’s crew, having overcome the worst of the seasickness (particularly Guy, who has already been confirmed as the brave winner of the ‘Chunder Dragon’ trophy), are now relaxing in the sun or climbing the mast while the going, the weather, and the views are good and before we all get called to brace the yards and wear the ship again. We are working hard and eating hard.

The latter is an absolute pleasure with Hammie’s cooking, which is excellent even when done whilst the ship is listing at 45 degrees! It’s 15.00hrs, we’re between the coasts of Latvia & Sweden, and all’s well.

Forward Port watch Mark P, Simon W, Richard R, Poul R, Jacob C, Neil C, Guy J, Laura L and Hugh B send love to all their families.