Forward Port

A stiff westerly Force 7 on Sunday morning made it impossible to sail or motor out of the Skagerrak.

It was decided to sail between the Danish and Norwegian shores; this necessitated plenty of bracing and setting foresails, a staysail and the spanker. Fortunately, in the early evening, the wind moderated, the sea subsided and we were able to head out towards the Scottish coast. After a final brace, sails were handed and the ship was snugged down for the night.

During the day, Glenn, our very talented bosun, gave a most interesting demonstration of back and eye splicing. He has been busy ever since examining us in our proficiency.

This morning, there will be a pin rail chase, just to warm everyone up before the wind veers to the north west (assuming that the forecast is accurate) and we set some fore and aft sails again and head towards the Firth of Forth, our eventual destination being Leith.