This morning we are on the morning watch from 4am to 8am, and its busy and pretty chilly up here on the bridge. We have had to alter course to port and slow down to avoid a tanker, and are generally keeping busy on lookout.

1030 am. We are arrived at Valencia port, with all hands on deck. Every watch has a different role to play. Our watch is on the foredeck, passing out lines to the crew on the shore. I was the bowman in the RIB, with the linesmen. Our job was to receive the lines on the shore. After lunch most of us headed into town, some by taxi, some on foot. Have to say, the the taxi might have been a better idea. We headed into the old town, and wandered the streets, sat in a café for a while and had amazing ice creams. Some returned to the boat for dinner, but some of us stayed in town and tasted tapas and paella, and sangria! A few sore heads this morning.

Its 10.30 and we are just preparing to depart. This morning 2 wheel chair users went up to the first look out, with the assistance of a few hands hoisting. It’s a bright and sunny day, if not a little chilly out of the sun. Hoping for more wind, so that we get some sail up.