TNS 397

12th– 22nd February 2014

Malta- Malta

Days 1 and 2

The voyage started in sunshine in Malta, which was greatly appreciated by the voyage crew who had flown out from England to join the ship. They were greeted on board and settled into their bunks, were introduced to the permanent crew by Captain Simon and given an overnight briefing by Richard the mate. They then met their fellow crew and those in their watches.

Day 2

The day was hot and sunny but with a forecast in the afternoon of wind force 7 and 8 so the decision was made to go the following day. But there was still plenty of training to do, the rest of the briefs had to be done and then the evacuation drill and hands aloft. After lunch they were introduced to rope handling and the braces. After smoko in the afternoon they were free to go for a wander ashore and do some exploring.



Medical Purser