Day 8 in big brother house: San Remo

Having been at anchor the night before, our brave captain led a rekey of the port at 10am, and following his return, we weighed anchor and entered harbour. After a brief delay for the ritual of happy hour, we made a landing at 13.30 Hrs.

Despite anti wheelchair defences including as many as 500 steps uphill, led by our representative from HM guards, we managed a successful incursion of the charming town with the flea market, clothes shops, churches, and even a choral performance secured. Thank providence for the level traverse afforded by the old railway line.

Having secured the town we celebrated in traditional style with food, wine and optimism. Do Italians always serve the main dish before the antipasti?

The morning saw us back in the town gathering plunder and memories to take home. At 14.00Hrs we affected a strategic retreat to take advantage of the faint but favourable winds. With T’gallants set we left San Remo in our wake to seek new opportunities.

Aft Starboard watch