11th – 13th November 2014

November 11th, brought howling wind driving rain and high seas. So high indeed that the crew spent the entire night being rolled from side to side in their bunks and at breakfast the next day, everything in the galley and mess moved.  If I put my knife down for a moment there came the musical tinkle of falling cutlery. If you had one hand on your cooked breakfast, the poached egg on toast on my other plate made a sudden and
dramatic bid for freedom.

The sea was so high, that tremendous gymnastics were required when steering the ship, usually involving the widest splits I have ever done, just to make sure that the I never fell over. The wind was cold, the sea was rough, but I can honestly say, that from Southampton to Brest, we all had a fabulous time.

OUR arrival in Brest, on Wednesday November 12th, meant the end of the voyage for a lot of the crew.

“The grest schemes of mice and men, can often go awray.” So after a night on the town of eating Brest’s food and drinking its wine dry, many of us said goodbye. But the weather still raged and the sea could be heard sloshing outside my berth’s porthole, something that has never before happened in harbour.