From San Remo to Portovenere, 14th Jan 2014 from Aft Port

After a run ashore in the morning, we set sail after lunch on board, leaving San Remo in the sunshine with light winds. Heading East over The Gulf of Genoa. Sails set in variable winds.

Simon the Captain had warned the crew to get their oilies ready for the overnight passage and that we were to expect heavy rain. We weren’t disappointed! The night watches got completely drenched being on watch and helming and lookout in up to force five, poor visibility and a moderate swell on the Italian Riviera.

We would like to mention in despatches – acting watch leaders Carl and Katy, also Liz on the helm in the worst of the weather.

Breakfast was sparsely attended due to washed out crew. We did some sailing in variable winds and the Leadership at Sea candidates practiced skills in navigating wheelchairs and performing tasks with blindfolds, showing how useful this training is.

We arrived to anchor in the bay outside the port of Portovenere and witnessed a lovely sunset. In the evening Liz organised a nautical ‘pictionary’ type quiz with the voyage crew split into two teams.

Whilst on anchor watch we were reading the Italian Waters pilot , we saw a story about the Poet Lord Byron who used to swim between Portovenere and a neighbouring harbour called Lerici in which he used to visit an establishment where he kept two ladies. The Mayor at the time was reputed to have added that ‘The noble lord had to rest awhile before visiting the ladies’!

From Aft Port Watch. David,Carl,Katy,Dom,Liz,Sally,Karen.