Well the voyage started in sunny Gran Canaria with temperatures well into their 20’s. Our pale white winter complexion slowly turned into a tan which the celebrities pay for! The voyage started with the normal safety training and evacuation drills… just in case. Then it was time to set sail and head north to Madeira. With the Easterly Trade winds we were soon able to set sail. The sea was moderate so it did cause some of the crew to suffer from sea sickness but after a night’s sleep everyone had found their sea legs and was becoming heartened sailors. Mind you it is sometimes hard having to be woken up at 23.45 to go on watch between midnight and 4am, we all soon settled into this new routine though. We was able to sail almost all the way to Madeira, the last 60 or so miles we did have to switch the engines on as the wind was not quite in the right direction to make it. Now we are in a very sunny Madeira surrounded by big cruise ships, however Tenacious seems more of a picture opportunity then the big floating hotels, and as always many people are coming over to Tenacious for a better look. So it is now back to taking in the sights and sounds of Madeira before we have to set sail tomorrow and head back to Gran Canaria….