Welcome to the Luurve of the sea! Some lucky crew went ashore with Connie our volcano guide and general expert on everything that lived, lives and breathes on the Canaries. Hierro – you either love it or you can say “that wasn’t Torremelinous on a Saturday night”. Whatever, it was a fantastic mix of sleepy ports, cumbrian-esque hills shrouded in mist with sheep, mountain goats, pine forest, and occasionally broken up by the pitch black ragged lava flows. Highlight; restaurant overlooking bay 1000′ up – if ever you want to take your valentine somewhere romantic; this is the place – but still the place to be for a party of Tenacious sailors. Some crew/ cadets remained on-board making and mending, ready for the next day’s sail to La Gomera. Dinner on board affected by 99 red heart shaped balloons floating about the mess decks.. Think that’s about it in a conch shell, apart from Awesome Aft Starboard being the best watch led by our seasoned bosun Matelot Mike and his ragged bag of seamen; Big’Ed, John ‘big beard’, ‘Golden DofEee’ Frankie, Corsair Christiane, Young Jack Jay, and Allan the Author of this blog who was tricked into writing it in exchange for a bic razor..