TNS456 14/02/2016 

After St. Valentine chocolates given to us by Jorge and a an amazing birthday cake with inextinguishable candles for Robin, we have just left our anchorage and happily, by steering round the Isla de Cana, have been able to hoist sail in a pleasant south-westerly wind.  This will speed us on our way to lisle Tortuga on the Nicoya Peninsula. Yesterday was another enterprising nature adventure day as we made several sorties to Isla del Cano, a UNESCO protected site of botanical importance, where we hiked and snorkeled in turquoise, fish-filled seas. Our ranger guide carefully supervised all our swimming, which under local law was conducted in life jackets. The gaudy fish did not seem to mind the colour competition, and our sturdy crew expertly handled the DOTI boat in the surf. The sun persisted in shining until its gorgeous and theatrical farewell towards 7.00pm. Much camera work to make our readers envious…!!! Of course, a fine day was concluded with a five star dinner a la Ali and Mona: it’s a tough life this winter!

Aft Port