Yesterday morning we left Isles de Cies and then made our way up the coast to Muros initially anchoring. The locals were very welcoming and we then went alongside in the evening drawing in quite a crowd on the quayside that was enjoying their evening promenade.

We moored alongside the jetty at 18:47, and then departed the ship to explore the vibrant night-life in MUROS port. There were many bars ashore as Bill found out for us describing which provided the best smell/bouquet of hops around. There were numerous restaurants ashore as we have decided to give COOKIE “Micah” and his trusted assistant “Mairi” the evening off as they have fed and watered all of us so well along the voyage and let all the great food keep coming – hurrah! The weather this morning is perfect so WE do not hesitate to get out and about.

Cheers from Bill & Martin.