TNS458 14/04/2016
Aft Starboard

Paradise Found…!!

Wow. Bora Bora. So good they named it twice. Even better than the picture

Daybreak found us just off the island. Towering volcanic rock, fringed with
sugar white beaches, palm trees and surf from the surrounding reefs.

The entrance into the lagoon is breath-taking – into azure waters with
exclusive resort rooms built on stilts out across the water and alongside
the wharf just a stone’s throw from the centre of Vaitape, the main
settlement. The lagoon is regarded as the most beautiful in the world with
its string of white-sanded islets and water shading through turquoise to
deep blue.

According to ancient Polynesian legend “Bora Bora” means “created by the
gods”. Not too many would argue with that.

The crew dispersed to various activities and explorations very quickly after
the gangway went down. There will probably be aching muscles, sore heads and
sunburn in the morning. Right now it is 0100 and Aft Starboard are on
harbour watch. It’s a warm 29c on deck and we have a group of local
fishermen with lines out on the end of the jetty. Other than that it’s
peaceful.  So a good night to you wherever you may be.

Best wishes Chris H and Craig (on watch), Izzi, Sari, Jeff, Mike and Norman
(fast asleep).

PS Quote of the day from Craig “On this voyage you don’t have time to be