Bonjour amies! C’est tres bon ici….. and that about exhausts my schoolgirl French ( yes! Working from very distant memories!!)

Tenacious is currently basking in the sunshine, and the admiration of hundreds of visitors to the Armada, which is a special 25th anniversary event. There are many other tall ships, and all are dressed with colourful bunting, and lining the South bank of the River Seine. The ships are all open to the public, and the organisers have teams to show people around.

We have our faithful volunteers selling JST eyepatches and merchandise. They are doing a fantastic job, Judith, Toby, Peter, Pedro , Joan, Keith, Ken, Roma, John, Jon and Christine…. We thank you all very much for your tireless help, and cheerfulness. On the same list to thank are the usual suspects, who give us so much of their time and energy, they are MVB, Sir Alan, Uncle John and Aoifa, BMs and Cooks assistant extrordinaire!

Before this becomes a bit of an Oscar lovies speech, I will end by sending crew group hugs to those of you at home who were hoping to be here…..we miss you!

So, back in Rouen, there have been social events on board all week, with Gospel Choirs, catered soirees and fireworks over the Seine every night at 23.30. Madness have played live, Mika is on tonight which we are hoping to catch after a curry night on board. This is to be followed by the sans et lumiere (UJs spelling) at the cathedral at 23.00. There are numerous shopping opportunities within arms reach of the ship, Breton tops, kilts (?) hats…etc…etc…and lots of bars and eateries, a really festive atmosphere.

There is no point even thinking about trying to catch a few Zzzzz after my fun journey here… flight cancelled Wednesday due to French air control strike, Fly out yesterday ( train broke down in Manchester en route to airport)arrive at CGG, and the trains are on strike….. mon dieu ! Anyway I wasn’t the only one, so there is now a Monty Python’ish ” ee that’s nothing… I was up at 4am, fell over cat…” type of banter going on! Wishing all the voyage crew who join us tomorrow a Bon Voyage !!

So today we are preparing for voyage 374, and I am typing in my pink boudoir/cabin, artfully transformed by a roll of shocking pink catering cloth and Alan and Aoifa! Those outside looking in will be bowled over by our décor….or not.

We will stay here tomorrow night for the end of the event and then we will leave Sunday morning.

There will be plenty to tell you on what should be a really interesting trip down the Seine and up the Thames.

All for now

Jane F Medical Purser.