TNS454 14/11/15

Hello from the bridge of Tenacious on what has been a truly beautiful day! The sun and the sails are out, with copious amounts of sunscreen as almost everyone spent the day on deck. The sea today has been an oasis of calm and temperatures have reached above 18.5 degrees, so everyone has been enjoying the winter sun.

On watch today, we spotted a rare breed of surface floating prawn and are eagerly awaiting coming back into the range of Google to find out why traditionally bottom-feeding creatures have ventured more than 1000 metres above their homes to see the surface world. Other sightings include a super pod about eighty dolphins, with three adorable calves, some impressive acrobatics from a pod of bottlenose dolphins, a pod of striped dolphins and what may indeed have been a cone jelly.

The crew kept themselves busy either relaxing in the sun and spotting wildlife, while others entertained themselves by climbing the masts, napping on the bowsprit and polishing the bell. Angus, Brian and Chris officially joined the button club by touching the top of the main mast, with Brian going further to touch the button on the foremast as well. The day ended with everyone in good spirits after a delicious dinner of spaghetti Bolognese and tiramisu, and a quick browse of the Tenacious shop. New jumper anyone?