TNS 475, 8-14/2016

We have arrived!! Sydney surely ranks as one of the world’s most iconic places to enter from the sea. Both permanent and voyage crew enjoying the thrill and spectacle of sailing a ‘tall ship’ through the ‘heads’ and right into heart of the city, passing by the famous landmark of the Opera House and under ‘the bridge’. What a treat. The strong North winds of last night are now a thing of the past. Hour after hour, we only made 2 to 3 knots. This morning started early with many of the crew up and about well before breakfast rather than the usual lying in bunks until the last gasp before rushing for Micah’s porridge – he needs a ‘spirtle’ by the way – and the bacon and eggs. Those of us not on watch had awoken to find ourselves a few miles off the coast on a warm and balmy morning. Summer has finally turned itself on and before long the balminess had increased to hot and sticky, with some of the linesmen – especially those hailing from cooler climes – perspiring profusely as they got the mooring lines flaked out and this particular scribe getting a bit moist just standing still and drinking tea. After tying up and getting the gangway down there were many happy-sad faces that the journey was over with some poignant farewells in evidence. Tenacious had worked her magic once more.

The voyage from Melbourne had encountered somewhat changeable conditions, from a bouncing swell coming out ‘the rip’, some lovely sailing along the coast and finally some strong headwinds to push through on the last stretch.