Day 10 on board the Tenacious. Our Leadership at Sea people have been learning about disabilities, eating their meals blindfolded. The calm seas have allowed many of the crew the chance to climb to the top of the main mast and watch as some of the other tall ships such as the Morgenster and Georg Stage sailing near us. Water pistols have made a new appearance onboard. A large water fight broke out during the break after happy hour, using salt water only as we are still trying to conserve as much water as possible.

The Chief Engineer has also been bringing small groups of the voyage crew around to look at the Engine Room and Machinery Control Room, showing us the usually unseen sections of the ship, all in all a very interesting tour.

We are looking forward to the crew parade and are preparing costumes in the line of ideas we are coming up with. Also the shadow of Rod Stewart has come onboard, as we are practising his Sailing for the radio in Szczecin. Getting the Glee feeling with all the choir sessions at the moment.

The sea has been very smooth allowing the crew to get some good sleep. But still hoping the wind will come around so we can get a good position as we reach Helsinki.

As the finish line is getting closer we still have a fair chance with the wind keeping us on our toes, sailing with the speed from 1-8 knots, anything can happen.

Aft Port (Mona, Bill, Emil, Michael, Lewis, Eva, Fiona, Luke and Alice).