TNS473, 12-18/11/2016

The afternoon(Tuesday) watch witnessed heavy winds blowing in from the South West, inconsistent rainfall and general cold conditions which made for rough seas (Beaufort scale 6/7) throughout the afternoon, we were able to keep the sails up throughout. The watch-keepers were lucky enough to see a lovely display from numerous dolphins swimming alongside both the port and starboard side of the vessel. In the evening we anchored the vessel between two small islands, and to some extent were able to take shelter from the weather – particularly the swell. The voyage crew were stood down for the evening and made use of the time frequenting the bar and playing cards. In the morning those who required assistance were able to climb. Fi, a lady with a visual impairment was able to climb the rigging. Tom, a gentleman who requires a wheelchair, was hoisted to the lower platform, and Joyce made a sterling effort climbing as far as she did. After lunch we set sail from anchor. We have been able to enjoy blue skies and some sunshine today for the first time on this particular voyage. We are now cruising at 6 knots away from our sheltering islands and towards Williamstown.