TNS455 16/01/16 

Day 12 We almost missed breakfast when a large pod of dolphins came to play and show off their acrobatic skills, with young ones belly flopping. Some post breakfast sail handling worked up our appetites for ‘smoko’ and part two of Captain Barbara’s talk on celestial navigation. We felt like we were back at school doing complex arithmetic…..not an easy feat in the 28 degree heat. Forward port (our watch) were the first to be tested with the sextants to calculate our meridian passage (latitude) in the intense midday sun. We are pleased to say that we were only a few miles off the GPS reading. Our watch was rounded off by another dolphin display. For those still with energy to burn, climbing the main mast was the next challenge. Steve and Chris joined the elite few to touch the ‘button’ (the very top of the 42m mast). We enjoyed a Scandinavian inspired meatball supper, followed by sticky toffee pudding and were then treated to the first voyage crew variety performance, poems and singing accompanied by guitar and recorder playing, all enhanced by a male watch leader dressed in a bikini nightshirt.

Day 13 We were fuelled for the day with full English breakfast. The first sail handling task of the day was in the rain. With a change of course needed, we braced the yards sharp to starboard. The wind has increased and the sea is much rougher. Ben, Bosun, gave a talk on collision avoidance, including the use of lights and shapes, and the rules of the sea. Two sunbathers’ early afternoon relaxation was rudely interrupted by a rogue wave coming over the port side, showering them without warning. A lowly flying fish decided to join us on board, knocking himself unconscious in the process – un beknown to him, he would provide an excellent bait for our fishing lines. The bait has gone…..we have no fish! A happy ‘happy hour’ followed, Tenacious is now sparkling once again in the early evening sun and the wafts of Hammie’s Thai green curry cooking are drifting up to the bridge… must almost be time to hand over watch and fill our tummies once again. Wish you were here, from Forward port