What a shame to leave the fantastic island of El Hierro. However, it’s very exciting to be back at sea! Some felt rather iffy due to the force 6 winds as we left port, but by about 1300 that had changed quite drastically, and we slowed to roughly 0.9 knots. In the afternoon the wind picked up again and we had a pretty good sail. After a lovely blindfolded dinner everyone was informed that we were kind of going in the wrong direction and would be reducing sail to the inner jib, the main staysail and would be turning the engine on. Aft port watch enjoyed having two dazzling temporary watch leaders for the afternoon and morning watches. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable sail and looking forward to the rest of this memorable experience. Really good craic!

Best wishes to all the unforgettable crew from the fantastic members of Aft Port watch, Kev, Granddad Mike, Stephanie, Terry, John, Sipho, Janice