A very good morning to you all. It is Wednesday the 16th of April day 14 of the trip from Gibraltar to Southampton.

We are currently under motor heading 070 on our way to our next port after spending 2 nights in town of Muros. The reaction to Tenacious by the local people has been incredible!!! This was very apparent during the ships open day on Monday 14 April. The local people turned out in huge numbers with people coming from far and wide to view the ship. One person had seen the ship in Vigo and was following her progress along the Spanish coastline. The reaction by all was the same, priceless!!! They were truly taken aback by her size, grace and style with lots of wide eyes and huge smiles covering their faces.

The hospitality by the local people continued ashore and ensured that a good time was had by all who went ashore to sample the local sights and delights.

During our stay in Muros, Skippy an Australian Kangaroo found his way onto the ship and has set about doing his best to find his sea legs!!! Watch this space to keep up to date with Skippy’s adventures on the high seas.

We currently have a full moon lighting up the skyline and a small rolling swell on the ships head but alas there is no wind. But as any sailor knows all you can do is adjust your sails appropriately or in Tenacious’s case pull out the iron sail and sail on.

One fine shout out to Sea Ranger JULIA who celebrated her birthday yesterday, in style, may your future years be as successful and prosperous as your former years!

Over and out from aft starboard watch (Peter, Paul, Dan, Julia, Roy, Arnie and Sam)