Our third day at sea, a fabulous day, one of the best ! Marvellous, marvellous lunch – thanks to galley crew again. Setting sails this morning as the wind spiralled off the aft quarter through the square rig. My watch leader Graham, aware that I am not doing my gym exercises, is showing immense support by having me run from the bridge to the lower mess several times in challenging conditions, keeping my fitness levels high, and inventing the new sport of Sea Pilates! Last night we hoped we heard whales blow twice but could not see anything, we plough ever onwards through waves, sun and stars without aeroplane or boat in sight … no human touch apart from us on this wet desert ! Meteorological observations have been started, to send more detailed observations of this area of the sea, for Southampton university. Looking forwards to thousands of green beans for tomorrows lunch and glad to have a moment in the bridge out of the wind. Smoko will be late this afternoon because I am writing this, carry on reading each day for further instalments !  Glenis, Tayo and all on Aft Starboard Watch