16/06/15 TNS440 – Southampton:Poole

Having arrived at the Southampton Docks we departed at 17:30 with a great retrieval of vast ropes. At the rear of the ship we fed through 4 great multi-weave ropes, I couldn’t even wrap my fist around the circumference. As of yet the seas have remained calm and the winds low, so the sails have not gone up nor has anyone experienced any seasickness! Hopefully that will continue despite all the crew members yearning to see the the sails up and running. After two emergency drills we have done both of them in the 7 minute time limit despite hiccups in both, so although not totally perfect we have avoided rehearsed disaster! My crew and I took the 20:00 to 24:00 watch, but we were anchored so were not too busy, on breaks we played cards which was a really nice way to end the first day of Sailing.

Written by Grace.