Well after an early start to the day we left Rouen, second ship in the parade, to crowds of folk waving us off, Amazing to think that they had all got up early to wave to us.

The passage has been a gentle one with a slight wind, some sun and a small amount of rain. All along the river are people waving and cheering, how we wish we could speak French to understand what they are saying!!

Sometimes actions speak louder than words – we’ve just had a water fight with the British Royal navy!! Balloons filled with water have been catapulted across to their ship, sooo funny to see grown men and women having a water fight!!!! However they got their own back by turning the water hoses on us, so everyone including the captain had a soaking!!!

Another treat was to see the French flypast displaying colours of red, white and blue. Hovering in the sky was also an usual looking object, not quite unidentified as we were advised it was a camera.

Now we have a helicopter following us, we believe this is the press. Such fun being here with JST, everyone is so friendly and helpful. Meals have been good too, thanks to our wonderful chef, Micah, who caters for all our individual needs. Some of us have been aloft today which was quite exciting and an awesome experience. Someone – mentioning no names decided to see if the safety ropes would actually work!!! Thankfully they did!!! We’re gently making our way towards the sea which I’m sure won’t be quite as gentle. We may have to start using some special white bags!?!

David,Chris,Emma,Liane,Ken,Alex,Jon,Pam and Nikki. Aft Port Watch.