Day 3:

Last night was our first watch and the sea was wild and skittish. Our watch was the 20:00 – 00:00 watch which meant we got to see the sunset and the sky grow darker as the sky never gets properly dark here.
We are N 58 E9.

Whilst we controlled the ship, a fair percentage of the rest of the voyage crew were busy finding their sea legs. Everyone in the watch took turns helming, being on lookout (both port and starboard (left and right sides of the ship)) and filling in the hourly weather log.

The view from the bridge of the breaking waves was brilliant – some of the waves were breaking over the sides of the foredeck  – Very exciting from the bridge.

Sunset was beautiful when the sun finally emerged from behind the clouds. There were just the right number of clouds scattered across the sky to make it perfectly photogenic, as the sun made its way towards the horizon, the sky began to glow pink and then turned to an orangey glow.

As our watch began to draw to a close, the wake up calls for the oncoming watch had to be done. The sky also began to grow darker but never became dark enough that no light (of the natural sort) was visible.

Forward Starboard are back on watch this afternoon for the 12:30 – 16:00 watch. This morning we braced the yards, set sails, had an hour of happiness (Happy Hour (for which we were below deck cleaning through from the bar to the foc’sle accommodation) and had ginger shortbread biscuits and melon for Smoko.

We have just come alongside at Risor – a picture postcard town of white painted wooden houses, lots of boats and to complete the scene, blue sky, gentle wind and warm sunshine. We are going to be joined by about 10 other ships and share an international buffet of shared dishes. Cheers for now.

Fwd Stbd Watch: Sue (WL), Charlotte (helmed us in), Karen & Sally (scribes for ship manouvers), Jostein, Peter, Rob (chief tea maker and DOTI boat linesman), Naomi, Andrew and Dee (just finished Galley duty).